Welcome to Room 204!!

Welcome to our new classroom website!  We hope you enjoy your visit.
This site was designed to help keep families updated on our accomplishments throughout the year, as well as share important information about our classroom.
The links along the top will help you navigate through our site.  There are many great things to see.  You can also subscribe to our posts over on the right hand side of the blog.  Then you will be emailed anytime we post something new!
We love to hear from our visitors, so if you have questions or you need to contact me, please email me at msheahan.sps@gmail.com   or leave us a comment somewhere on our blog!  Enjoy your visit!  Be sure to check in often as we do update weekly.
Make sure you check out all the areas of our website!  Here is what you can find on our website!

Homework Help
Here students can find links to websites that they are safe and secure to visit for help on homework as well as playing around on the web.

Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop
A detailed outline for students and parents of what our workshop looks like in our classroom and what content we will be covering during the year.

Spelling- Word Study
This is an explanation of what we do for spelling and the reasoning behind it.   You will also find a weekly and daily schedule of events, as well as a sample of homework for a night.

The Parent Link
Parents this is the ultimate resource for you!  You will find links to websites that can be helpful throughout the year as well as an explanation of our new “Common Core Standards”.

Club V.I.P.
This club is designed for students who want to go “above and beyond” normal classroom expectations!


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