V.I.P. Club







Welcome to the Very Intelligent Pupil (V.I.P.) Club!

This club is designed for students who want to go “above and beyond” normal classroom expectations! To get started, choose any question below. You do not have to research questions in any particular order. You may find your answers using reference books or the following web sites. Your work may be done before and after school, during school breaks, or at home. When you feel you have mastered a question’s content, come see me before school, at recess time, or after school to tell or show me your answers, depending on the question. Answers must be memorized.

Each question answered correctly and in full earns one star. Once a student earns 16 stars, he/she becomes a member of the V.I.P. Club Hall of Fame. When students become members of the Hall of Fame, they will get their name placed on the V.I.P. Club board and will receive a special certificate at the end of the year!

Lifelong learning is our goal! Have fun and good luck!

Member       Stars

Bronze         1-10

Silver           11-25

Gold             26-40

Platinum    41-60

Diamond     61-85

The V.I.P. Club was inspired by Mrs. Renz’s Mastery Club. Thanks, Mrs. Renz!

I have made every attempt to ensure that the content on the following links is appropriate for students.
The sites have been verified, please tell me if you see anything you think is inappropriate or is no longer working.

1 Name the seven continents. The Seven Continents
Name the Continents Game
2 Name 15 world countries. Countries of the World
3 Name 15 major world cities. Latitude and Longitude of Major World Cities
4 Name 8 major world rivers. Major World Rivers
Principal Rivers of the World
5 Name five oceans + five other
major bodies of water.
Oceans and Seas
All About Oceans and Seas
6 Name ten large deserts. Principal Deserts of the World
World Deserts
7 Name ten major mountains
or mountain ranges.
The Seven Summits
Mountains Homework Help
8 Name ten large lakes in North America. Large Lakes of the World
9 Name the 50 states. Top 50 States
Alphabetical List of 50 States
10 Label the 50 states on a map. USA Map Jigsaw (States – Level One)
The USA Quiz
11 Name the 13 colonies. Interactive 13 Colonies
13 Colonies Map/Quiz
12 Name ten Native American tribes. American Indian Tribes
Selected American Indian Tribes
13 Name the four regions of California and
their natural resources.
Welcome to California’s Regions
Use your textbook!
14 Name five California explorers and list at
least one major accomplishment of each.
Early California Explorers
15 Name ten California tourist attractions. Top 10 Tourist Attractions
Touring California
16 Name ten California state parks. Find a Park
17 Name the following California state symbols:
tree, rock, mineral, flower, animal, fossil, colors,
nickname, motto, and Gold Rush Ghost Town.
State Symbols and Emblems
History and Culture – State Symbols
18 Name 15 of the 21 California missions. The California Missions
The California Missions Trail
19 Name ten major California cities. USA: California (Principal Cities)
20 Name ten California counties and label
them on a map.
California County Selection Map
21 Name the current California governor and
two senators.
Office of the Governor
Senators of the 111th Congress
22 Name the three branches of government and
what they do.
Branches of Government
The Three Branches of Government
23 Name the ten most recent presidents, in order. White House 101
24 Name, in order, the ten countries with the
largest populations of people.
Top 100 Most Populous Countries
25 Name the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
50 States flag

50 States flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

26 Name the planets in order, starting
at the sun.
Solar System
27 Name eight star constellations. The Stars Tonight
28 Name eight types of clouds. Cloud Types!
29 Name the order of the colors
of the rainbow.
Stuff in the Sky
30 Name and describe the four stages of the water
Study Jams! – Water Cycle
31 Name ten types of rocks. If Rocks Could Talk
32 Name, in order, the ten minerals listed
on the Mohs’ Hardness Scale.
Geo Mysteries
33 Name ten chemicals and their chemical
Setting the Periodic Table
34 Label ten major bones of the skeleton. Human Skeleton
35 Label ten major organs of the body. Human Anatomy – Organs
Know Your Body
36 Name five inventors and their inventions. Invent Now – Hall of Fame
37 Draw and label the process of
Photosynthesis – Kids Corner
Photosynthesis – Fact Monster
38 Label the layers of Earth, in order, and
describe their properties.
Edible Earth
Structure of the Earth
39 List, describe, and give an example of each of
the three states of matter.
Study Jams! – Solids, Liquids, Gases
What Are the Three States of Matter?
40 List five types of simple machines and give
an example of each.
Simple Machines
Simple Machines – MIKids
41 Name, in order, the processes of the scientific
Scientific Inquiry
The Scientific Method
42 Name and describe the four types of volcanoes. Volcanoes
Types of Volcanoes
43 Name four types of severe weather and describe
Severe Weather
44 Name, in order, the eight phases of the moon. Lunar Phase
Phases of the Moon
45 Label the new food pyramid. The Food Guide Pyramid
46 Name five things magnets attract and five things
they don’t attract.
47 Name three of each: herbivores, omnivores,
Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores
Animal Diet Game
48 Explain the definition of sound. What is Sound?
49 Name and describe five different types of
Types of Dinosaurs
50 Give a definition of agriculture and describe
how it affects you every day.
Just for Kids – Agriculture
51 Give 2 examples each: alliteration, personification,
simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia.
Figurative Language
52 Name 10 nouns and 10 verbs. Grammar Gorillas
53 Name 10 adverbs and 10 adjectives. Adverb / Verb
What is the Difference?
54 Name 10 prepositions and 10 conjunctions. Prepositions
55 Name 10 famous authors and a book they wrote. Authors
Famous Children’s Authors
56 Count 1-20 in Spanish. Spanish Numbers 1-20
57 Use a thesaurus to find and write down
antonyms for 15 words.
Word Central
58 Use a thesaurus to find and write down
synonyms for 15 words.
Word Central
59 List six literary genres and give an example of each. Literary Genres
60 List and explain the six elements of a short story. Short Story Elements
61 List and explain the structure of a story. Parts of a Story
62 Choose 15 often misspelled words and copy them
10 times each.
100 Most Often Misspelled Words
63 Name 10 prefixes and what they represent. Prefixes
64 Name 10 suffixes and what they represent. Suffixes
65 Write 15 fact families for multiplication and
Fact Family Cards
Fact Family II
66 Draw a clock using Roman Numerals. Roman Numerals
67 Name five famous mathematicians. Famous Mathematicians
68 Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital letters
of the alphabet.
The Symmetry of Capital Letters
Capital Letters
69 Explain mean, median, mode, range. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
70 Draw and label a place value chart ranging from
billions to ten thousandths.
Place Value Chart
71 Correctly complete five problems from Ms. York
that involve multiplying two-digit numbers by
three-digit numbers.
Multiplication: 3 Digit Numbers
Multiplication Activity
72 Identify and describe a variety of polygons
drawn by Ms. York.
Types of Polygons
73 Correctly complete five problems from Ms. York
that involve the division of decimals.
Dividing Decimals
74 Find the area of a complex shape given to
you by Ms. York.
Area in Odd Shapes and Places
75 Correctly complete five problems from Ms. York
that involve conversion between inches, feet, and
yards and centimeters, decimeters, and meters.
How to Convert Measurements
76 Describe the meaning of an exponent and
solve three problems that involve them.
A Maths Dictionary for Kids
77 Read an analog (round) clock; tell time. Telling Time
78 Correctly complete five problems from Ms. York that
involve conversion between fractions, decimals, and
Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages
Challenge Exercises
79 Write a career starting with each letter of the
On your own.
80 Name ten items that can be easily recycled. Can It Be Recycled? (be sure to
click on each item)
81 Name one birthstone for each month. Birthstones
82 Name twelve different musical instruments. Your World Instruments
Different Types of Musical Instruments
83 Name ten colleges and their states. US Universities, by State
84 Name ten National Parks. US National Park Service
85 List ten ways that kids can help save the earth. 100 Ways.pdf

Love to hear from you!

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